Gerra Gembarosky Trio

Gerra’s Trio is perfect for those who don’t want loud, thumping, high-energy DJ music for their wedding reception. If fact, it’s best for smaller parties and receptions, where the music is classy, enjoyable, and the guests are actually able to talk without shouting!

Live MusicThey play light jazz, standards, contemporary ballades, and are CD equipped to play music during our intermissions - special requests like line dances, ethnic tunes, etc. For instance, if the bride and groom have rehearsed something special for their first dance as husband and wife, then they would play their CD in place of the band playing the song.

Even though there are only three musicians in Gerra’s Trio, versatility is certainly not lacking. Gerra plays keyboards and sings lead vocals; Vince is multi-talented in that he plays soprano sax (Kenny G style), alto sax, tenor sax, clarinet for swing tunes, and flute for just about any tune! Vince is also a singer who does an exceptional job imitating Willie Nelson and Johnny Mathis. The Balcony Band in Shadyside often featured him in their woodwind section. He owns A-K Music in Lower Burrell, and is a highly sought out player in his community as well as the greater Pittsburgh area, often performing for well-known acts performing in Pittsburgh. Rounding out their Trio, Jeff the drummer incorporates many other percussion instruments throughout the performance. Among the three of them, they’ve performed for hundreds and hundreds of events.

Live BandsEven though it’s named “Gerra’s Trio,” there are actually four people. Michael, Gerra’s husband, is the band’s manager, and will coordinate their music to be ‘in tune’ with the happenings at the reception. He will work with the venue’s manager to ensure that things go smoothly and will work with the photographer for the timing of such things as the introduction into the reception hall, the toasts, the blessing, the bridal dance, special requests, etc.

Pricing depends of the amount of time that you’d like them to play as well as the distance that must be traveled. They are happy to perform in the Pittsburgh, Oakmont, Cranberry Township, Lower Burrell, Sewickley, Wexford, Bridgeville, Mt. Lebanon, Upper St. Clair, and surrounding communities.

Don’t hesitate to speak with Gerra at (724) 339-9658 if you have any questions or concerns. She’s even happy to recommend other favorite professional vendors in the wedding business to aid in your planning. 

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